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Organization Chart

Typical Party Organization Structure

SBCL has a unique set of members who are smart, critical thinkers... after all they are those seeking to establish and maintain LIBERTY! Organization structure is bottom up so that we get the full advantage of the experience and knowledge of those exceptional members doing the hands-on work.

SBCL Chart (Draft)


Greg Hammel - Organizational Leader

Thomas Cole - Community Leader
Donors- Our financial supporters (as needed)


Like-minded groups* in Santa Barbara County


Volunteer support- working on the streets and communities to execute our plans, commenting at school board meetings, making copies, etc., Right now we have a few people in this role.

Web Staff - Create and maintain our webpage, organize and run the office.


Support Our Important Work 
Bringing our Constitution to Life
Helping Students to Love America
Helping Families to Stay Together
Affirm our Shared American  Values


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