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Planning Considerations of the SBCL

Planning Considerations 

  1. The preliminary working group will address questions such as the scope of the action items and the significant issues that are expected to be addressed, the expected time frame for the execution of the plan.

  2. The process will be broken down into phases, activities and tasks. A realistic schedule should be adopted to ensure that the activities are completed within the agreed period of time.

  3. Agreement will also be needed on the form and frequency of reports. Reports can be done via Gantt charts or equivalent.

  4. Another important element of the planning process is dividing up the tasks and assigning them to various team members.


Planning Considerations)

From where do we get our funding? What are the regulations surrounding funding and fundraising?

  1. 1)  To what extent is there unexploited room for maneuvre within these boundaries?

  2. 2)  What is SBCL concept of membership? How is SBCL membership organized? How many members are there? Is there a living up to date membership list available for all members.

  3. 3)  What is the SBCL trying to achieve? How is the SBCL organization run? Who is on the payroll and how are tasks divided? What are the processes concerning the SBCL administration? How effective is the SBCL administration?

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