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Cole's 2024 Predictions - A Fever Dream

This could never happen..

RFK will win the Dem nomination, sidelining sleepy pervy Joe, and pulling in many Dems on issues like medical freedom, women's rights, parents rights.

These are Republican issues but JFK will realize he can grab these Dems and prevent them from voting Republican. Ramaswamy will fall to DeSantis, who will fall to Trump in the (R) primaries. Then RFK will have an accident via the C I A. The Dems will then assign the cabals prearranged candidate in place against Trump.

Hillary Clinton will then win the election through do min ion and America will continue to perish as civil war breaks out nationwide. The south secedes and wars rage across many state borders with national guards being called out against local militia and highway men.

Ultimately China takes over the west coast states and Gavin Newsom is placed in charge as Master Governor under CCP control. Under Newsom charge police Immediately begin raiding homes arresting all gun owners in the western states and arresting all Trump voters who are sent to tent cities in the deserts, where they die and vanish.

Many armed conservatives fight back after news gets out via short wave radio and secret codes over Google that the arrest at home means death by vanishing ala Newsom's police force.

CA political RINO's argue they were not really for Trump and try to avoid

arrest by turning in other Trump voters. Texas becomes the capital of New America joining in 13 southern and central states by assuming control of the ICBM's spread across central America. The bankers of Europe place Prince Charles into the White House in DC in charge of the 13 east coast states where he assumes title of 'Reagent of the Free States of Rothschild'.

Chuck Schumer is named the emissary and supreme ruler over the new territory, and Kamala Harris is placed in charge of the nuclear arsenal and they begin declaring war on Texas and the western states. CNN becomes an outlaw media company, broad-casting from a mobile station somewhere in New Mexico and FOX joins with the Free States of Rothschild as State Media.

FOX has 70 million viewer each night as people are mandated to watch FOX or face fines and loss of social privileges. Hawaii is annexed by China and Honolulu is renamed Xi City. LA becomes Mao-Town and is locked down by Chinese solders with shoot to kill orders for any dissenters. Beverly Hills is completely occupied by the New China rulers and CCP apparatchiks. Former movie execs from Bev Hills are sent to live in the Valley. Santa Monica is left alone since it was already communist.

...To be continued


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