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Updated: Apr 25, 2023

by Thomas Cole -

Thomas Cole sitting on chair
Thomas Cole running for CD24

"The CAGOP can and ought to stand for the rights of children to innocence." Thomas Cole

"We believe in the right of health care workers, military, Churches, Temples and all citizens of California, to make their own health care decisions." Thomas Cole

"We must balance a woman's rights against wishes on the abortion issue. The right to choose is inviolable." Thomas Cole My Message to the CAGOP

April 21, Interview with Thomas Cole / Josh Molina.

1) My vision for the California GOP involves winning.

Winning with parents. Winning with families. Winning with business, labor and religious freedoms. Current governments seem to think we exist for their benefit. And a government that's too large and too powerful ends up serving itself. That's why Republicans talk about smaller government. People need to make their own choices and not be led around by the nose.. as a giant, unresponsive government plunders our wealth, defiles our children and enriches itself.

Our CAGOP's message ought to be about freedom from government overreach. Let our people operate without constant central planning from the state. Let our parents choose where and how to educate their children. Let our businesses decide where and how to operate. Let our builders and developers decide where to operate. That is the beauty of freedom and our free market system. A million self interested decision will always be better and more productive than a state mandate. We are Americans and this is not China. We Americans expect and demand freedom. And all these crucial issues involve the increase of freedom. The increase of individual liberty. And that is the historical message of the GOP.

2) Schools/Parental Rights Our planks need to make clear that parents are in charge of their children. If the state wants to fund orphanages and dictate what schools teach these abandoned children, fine. But parents who are caring for their children demand respect from state.

We are in charge of our children, not the state. This is not China and we will not be cowed into submission. Instead the state tells us to stay out of it, back off from protesting school board decisions, calls the police when we show parents the materials in schools. The state expects us to blindly accept vicious sex ed programs like Teen Talk and anti America teachings like Just Communities critical race training (CRT), and to accept pornagraphic books in our school libraries for our 12 year olds and drag queen story time for kindergartners. This is all wrong. Vouchers would solve this problem but the D controlled and state funded teachers union is ten time bigger than the NRA. And as Mike Pompeo recently said, The most dangerous person in America is Randy Weingarten.

3) Youngkin Voters

Parents have priority rights over the state and we in the CAGOP can champion those rights for our children's future and our nations future. We in the CAGOP can and ought to stand for the rights of children to innocence. And of course when parents learn of GOP's support for these natural rights, we as a Party will gain the parent voters. Terry MCauliffe learned this the hard way when he told Virginia parents to stay out of school decisions, and then lost 20% of his democrat base over night, giving conservative Glenn Youngkin the governorship election in VA 2021. We should attempt the same here in CA. Here in CA with a 60% lefty vote, the Youngkin parent flip would equal a 12 point swing. That would translate us in CA from a 62/30 D/R to a 50/48 D/R. That would really help our situation. Unfortunately our governor is not so stupid as to tell parents to shut up on national TV. So we will have to lure, corner and trap leftist candidates into supporting anti parent positions and show that to the parents. This has been documented in the VA Governor 2022. We should try it here in CA. Our Latino community is very conservative and family orirnted and is starting to vote by 15%. Reach out to all parents, they will not tolerate the lefts school nonsense.

4) Abortion - This very contentious issue can be at least tempered by a CAGOP that gives reasonable guidance and that will guarantee women's right to abortion. A CAGOP that will work to reasonably limit abortion in reasonable ways. It is better to have some say rather than insist on a hardened stance of complete prohibition. Includes a woman's right to decide where and when to give birth or not. And a couples right to contract on the issues of future child support, future abortion decisions and future custody. In todays modern and complex world, the answer to these pressing issues is freedom. The right to contract is a forgotten freedom and the State shall not abridge those constitutional freedoms. Woman's right to choose can be balanced with a mans right to refuse support. The divorce industry makes a killing on forcing support on men who never wanted a child. On the abortion issue, we must balance rights against wishes. Women's right to choose shall be inviolable. And from there, let the legislature craft laws and guidance.

5) Rights to Work Travel and Exist - My Body My Choice - Tie Into Abortion

Here's a novel approach. Give the people freedom. That's what our party has always been about. Our party freed the slaves from the Democrats. Our party voted in the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments over Democrat objections. Our party voted in the 1964 civil rights legislation over the Democrats who voted against it.

We are the party of freedom. And so we ought to make a stand for working people, parents, school children, medical workers, all citizens of California.

The CAGOP can say; We believe and support the right of health care workers and all citizens, to make their own health care decisions.

That one sentence is enough. We can stand for the freedom of all California citizens in a single sentence. And what do we mean by this? Well, we all have bodily autonomy. We have privacy rights to what is put into our bodies, we have privacy rights to keep our medical information private. Remember HIPPA that guarantees our medical privacy. What happened? So let us stand up for bodily autonomy. My body my choice is a familiar phrase that we can certainly use in the cause of freedom. And the basic premiss of the CAGOP historically has been the pursuit of freedom. Let's take back the reigns. And lead with Freedom. Thomas Cole

Cole for CD24 sitting on chair
Thomas Cole

Thomas Cole JD is a writer, political strategist and founder of , an election issues think tank in Montecito California. Analytics805's video's have been republished and seen Breitbart (6M Views) and our AZ election analysis posts have been reprinted internationally. Cole runs a conservative super-pac PACanalytics805, and a school issues website:

But wait there's more...

6) Election Integrity _ The Eleven Commandments

There is no doubt that democrats cheat, lie and break laws to win. And we get sued by their big globalist election companies for questioning results. And we are attacked and blocked by Soros appointed Secratary of States just for asking to see election data. The solutions to this quagmire are as follows:

  1. No mail in / mail out ballots. No harvesting.

  2. Election day voting. One day only.

  3. Paper ballots with BARCODE ID, name and address, available at precinct upon showing ID only.

  4. Absentee Voting- These voters shall request and document by photo ID to your precinct to receive their absentee ballot.This is your ballot. No one else's ballot.

  5. Precinct voting only. You must show a valid picture ID At your precinct.

  6. Your signature and name and address is on your ballot and stays there. Not on a discarded sleeve that is separated from the ballot.

  7. Your accepted ballot can be retrived and rechecked against your offical signiture and address anytime after the election.

  8. Precincts shall have voter signature records on file for verification.

  9. Precincts shall tally accepted ballots, keeping two digital records of each ballot. One record copy with personal information redacted for public use and viewing.

  10. Precincts shall forward the digital records along with the paper ballots, in proper chain of custody (Precinct Captain to Deliver) to the county election office. Paper ballots and digital records shall match.

  11. The County Election Office shall keep the paper ballots and the digital records from the precincts and make freely available redacted ballots.



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