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Thomas Cole on Election Integrity

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Election Integrity _ The Eleven Commandments

There is no doubt that certain political parties cheat, lie and break election law to win. And we get sued by their big globalist election companies for questioning results. And we are attacked and blocked by Soros appointed Secretary of State just for asking to see election data. Or getting sued for $700 million like Fox News.. Thomas Cole on Election Integrity has the solutions to this quagmire.

  1. No mail in / mail out ballots. retrieved

  2. Election day voting. One day only.

  3. Paper ballots with BARCODE ID, name and address, available at precinct upon showing ID only.

  4. Absentee Voting- These voters shall request and document by photo ID to your precinct to receive their absentee ballot.This is your ballot. No one else's ballot.

  5. Precinct voting only. You must show a valid picture ID At your precinct.

  6. Your signature and name and address is on your ballot and stays there. Not on a discarded sleeve that is separated from the ballot.

  7. Your accepted ballot can be retrieved and rechecked against your official signature and address anytime after the election.

  8. Precincts shall have voter signature records on file for verification.

  9. Precincts shall tally accepted ballots, keeping two digital records of each ballot. One record copy with personal information redacted for public use and viewing.

  10. Precincts shall forward the digital records along with the paper ballots, in proper chain of custody (Precinct Captain to Deliver) to the county election office. Paper ballots and digital records shall match or be recounted and audited.

  11. The County Election Office shall keep the paper ballots and the digital records from the precincts and shall make freely available redacted ballots.

  12. The record below shows AZ voters electing Republicans by wide margins electing state senators and congress people. But somehow they all changed their minds and voted to elect a Dem Governor, Dem SOS and Dem US Senator. That does not happen in a normal universe. This is the Kari Lake election.

Kari Lake wins all districts in AZ, somehow looses election.
Arizona mystery election of 2022.


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