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  • Thomas Cole is the founder of Analytics805 an election data research company and runs a superPAC PACanalytics805.

  • Cole has a doctorate degree in law from the California Institute of Law in Santa Barbara and is a retired developer.

  •  Patented designer


  • Protection for women and Girls - Protect Title IX

  • A Parents First Republican - Vouchers give Parents a Choice

  • Get the divisive cultural marxism out of our schools and out of our governments

  • A 2nd Amendment - Heller Republican

  •  Our 2nd protects our 1st Amendment

  • A pro business pro energy Republican - Shocker!

  • Protect Free Speech and Religious Freedoms

  • Protect Medical Freedom from Gov. Intrusion

  • "It's time to get the Marxists out of government and out of our schools"

  • "Choice for women - Shall not be abridged"

Support our efforts!  Bringing Choice to Parents,    Freedom to  Businesses and taxpayers. Protecting Religious Rights, Protecting Constitutional Rights  and... Women's Reproductive Rights

NEW 5 minute VIDEO !     SYMPOSIUM  III  
5 minute Quick Review.  Live at Faulkner Gallery

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Our Goals - Bring Family Values and Common sense back to Education - English-Math-History-Civics-Tech-Vocational-Financial-Health
Remove the porn books in schools- and REMOVE those that support radical sex ed programs like Teen Talk, Just Communities and thwart the NGO's that support anti-America, anti family, anti freedom programs for youth under the guise of inclusion-equity-diversity. These are actually marxist led programs designed to spread hate, animosity and averse among already diverse student population.
Remove the marxists and they're anti family anti American training from schools.
Give parents vouchers.

Santa Barbara
Liberte' Magazine
News and Views

Our community voices-

On these important issues. From Topical News, Editorials, Opinion and local stories. It's all here. 

Our American 

Our goal is to bring back American traditions of family, faith energy and freedom, back into our education system.

Faith created the American Dream 

In todays secular world, many have forgot that the American experience came from a religious background. That experience was one that did not demand  religion be forced upon citizens, but also was not excluded from the public square. 

Remove Race from Education

After a 100 year campaign the left has taken over education. The result are a population that can't read or think.


This is by far the best conservative information, News and Views site in the county. In fact it's the only such site and I recommend it.

Thomas Cole


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Ads placed with Coalition4Liberty Community Articles will reach that 40% portion of our county that cares deeply about liberty, freedom and our free enterprise systemCapitalism and that means business owners, parents and our great literate society.

We appreciate your patronage.

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