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In Defense of Self Defense

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Many people believe that gun manufacturers, the NRA and President Donald Trump are the main reasons for school shootings. As much excitement this gives the believers the belief is wrong.

In the first place there are a lot of gun deaths. Out of the 42,000 gun deaths this year, 31,152 are suicides. The rest are ghetto violence and then tragically the last 12 deaths this year are school shootings by crazy people. Now of course that is 12 too many but those 12 school shooting deaths a year is a death rate of 00.000004% of the general population of 300 million.

The overall death rate for teen agers 12-19 tragically is 16,375 a year or a rate of .0054% out of 300 million. Mostly from car accidents (35%) and other accidents and suicides. So parents have a lot to fear with their teenagers but gun violence is at the bottom of the list. In fact it’s well below car accidents and even below lightning strikes. Not that we should do nothing about the problem.

When people talk about mass shootings we mean where a crazy perp gets ahold of some weapons and attacks innocents, usually children or politicians. For this survey we will include;

1) the Newtown Connecticut school shooting

2) Stoneman High Parkland in Florida

3) Columbine

4) The Gabby Giffords attack

The very biased media has the habit of inaccurately portraying these attacks and even inventing facts to comport with the narrative: That the NRA sells guns to children, murders, and psychopaths,

That gun owners can’t wait for the next school shooting and of course

That President Trump is involved with any shoot out at any school.

Media site these four sensational shootings as evidence that more rules are needed to stop the gun owners and the NRA from causing school children deaths.

But media leaves out important details from these stories. Important details that lead away from the leftist narrative that guns are available on any street corner NRA stand and ammunition comes in cereal boxes.

Looking first Newtown, Connecticut school shooting. The 20 year old perp Adam Lanza was a very crazy person, on drugs and under psychiatric care, and his mother was probably worse. She bought Adam an AR15 type rifle, took him to training and shooting ranges knowing that her son was completely mental and dangerous. She was planning to have him committed. When Adam overheard of this he made plans and opened the safe, grabbed the rifle, killed his mother and went on a rampage.

In the attack on Congresswoman Gaby Giffords the perp Jared Lee Loughner was another crazy person. He’d been kicked out of a local college for acting nutty and scaring people, and was kicked out of several part time jobs for the same problems. No one filed a school or police report on this perp so he was able to have a clean record when checked out to purchase a weapon.

At the Parkland Florida high school shooting another crazy young person, Nikolas Cruz, had been kicked out of his high school for scaring people, violence and acting crazy. The police had visited his home 30 times for domestic violence against his grandmother and others. Yet because of an Obama executive order, no police record was filed against Cruz. The Obama program was supposed to keep young ‘minorities’ out of prison by hiding their delinquent crime records from police which also meant when the nut turned 18, there was nothing showing when the background check was completed.

In the Columbine shooting the two student perps were somewhat crazy. They were on Prozac and were under psychiatric care. Even film maker Michael Moore said in his film Bowling for Columbine, “That’s why I believe there should be an investigation in terms of what…prescribed pharmaceuticals these kids were on….

The parents of one Columbine shooter called the police on their son after finding this violent ranting on his computer:

I will rig up explosives all over town and detonate each of them at will after I mow down a whole fucking area full of you snotty-ass rich motherf-ing high-strung, God-like attitude-having worthless pieces of shit whores. I don’t care if I live or die in the shootout. All I want to do is kill and injure as many of you pricks as I can, especially a few people. Like Brooks Brown.”

The police did nothing. The parents did nothing.

Look at this common theme. We have crazy people, who are on prescription drugs, who are coddled by parents or coddled by the police and government systems. And because of that are able to pass background tests and get armed. Or they simply steal weapons from their parents or friends, who also know they are nuts.

The oft seen argument that firearms sales are out of control, a free for all with the NRA selling Tec-9 automatic pistols to school kids for ‘big profits’ is a complete lie. There is no gun show exemption. All weapons and ammunition transactions everywhere, anywhere, anytime require a FFL dealer to run a federal and state background check. Every carry permit involves multiple layers of federal and state data checks. We are very controlled already. It’s the crazy people who need controlling and there are means in place to do this right now.

Clearly if parents, schools, courts and police turned the records of mentally unstable or violent young people into the required data basses it would go far in preventing these terrible tragedies.

And the NRA for instance has great outreach and safety programs that, if actor Alec Baldwin had taken, he would have known you never, ever point any weapon, fake or real, loaded or unloaded, at any person, any time.

Blaming the NRA is dumb because they represent and are funded by America’s legal gun owners to protect our 2nd amendment. And that right, enshrined in our constitution by our founders, protects us from an over reaching government. It guarantees our legal right to self defense. Compare how protestors are treated in Europe and Australia lately and you can see the difference. They are hosed with water cannons, shot with rubber bullets and clubbed into submission.

We in the USA are not yet treated like animals and the 2nd Amendment has a lot to do with that. Even so, our jobs, economy and freedoms are being trampled in this plandemic lockdown. And the 2020 summer of riots has created a whole new group of legal gun owners, millions of them. Shall we blame the government allowing the violent riots for this new burst of gun ownership?

2nd Amd. proponents are loath to give up our legal and constitutionally guaranteed rights to self defense and defense against a tyrannical government if need be. Keeping in mind the first step of all the worlds tyrannies is always gun confiscation. From 1933 Germany, to 1954 Mao, to 1946 Stalin, the civilian populations were all completely disarmed…

To protect the children

And so by attempting to disarm legal citizens, with hysteria, hyperbole and lies, the anti 2nd Amendment haters unwittingly continue support for this tradition of tyranny.

Caldwell Snart, Montecito


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