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How to get arrested in Santa Barbra? Give this to parents. This is what started the free speech lawsuit. Can we stand on a sidewalk and peaceably speak, hand out material not. When school officials call the police and say, you may not speak, that is what happens in China without consequence. Here, thanks to our founders we can go to court and have a Federal judge decide if the first amendment is still in effect. And the question for the court is not, Is this pornographic.. because that is a local matter, decided by local school boards. But rather, do we have the right to speak in a public forum, directly to parents. The School district says no. A In fact Susan Salcido, county school supervisor, says no, you may not speak, and you may not run for office against me. Salcido sends $340,000 taxpayer school dollars to a fancy law firm in Sacramento, then has that firm sue to stop a local candidate from running for school board office, against Salcido. So we cannot speak, we cannot run for office and we cannot change things to remove porno books in the school library. But we can continue to pay property taxes or else the government will come and take your property. This is sounding more and more like China. Is this what parents want? The government shutting down speech they disagree with? What about us parents who disagree with gender and race training in schools, or perverted anti family antiAmerica training at schools? Where is our government funded voice to say no? There isn’t one. I am that voice.


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