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Money For Schools 85% to Staff - 3% to Students

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Budget Meeting - Wading through the recent Special School Board Budget happy talk

zoom meeting Nov. 1 2022. This whole presentation was about confirming and insuring the absolute necessity of funding teachers and admin... with new funding, new benefits, new housing, new rights. And nary a word about parents or students or taxpayers. Nor about the 70% acedemic failure rate of students. Colorful charts showing the $125,000,000 million a year, of forced tax income given to SBUSD every year, and yet this board spends their time complaining how Prop 13 is depriving them of money, to fund more teachers and more admin.

The Costs - 85% of the $125M school fund goes to persons working for the district, their pensions, their health care and retirement accounts, wages, salaries, benefits and now government provided housing is coming up. While on the student side of the equation... 3% ...that's three percent goes to books and school supplies. So we have three percent of school money actually going directly to students, which is producing a 70% percent academic failure rate at SBUSD. And the admins complain about not enough money.

Students and Parents - And to top it off, not a word about whether parents and students

are enjoying the porn books in school libraries showing 12 year olds despicable images that qualify as child pornography. And not a word about SBUSD teaching kids to hate America through CRT training where SBUSD is teaching black and brown kids that whites are the oppressors, that Christians are the oppressors and families are a bad option. And not a word about the levels of violence that permeate our schools or about the school boards direct actions to remove police and security from our schools.

Bottom Line - These board members are clearly interested in one thing primarily, more money to pay themselves and all their employees, to insure continued support of their policies, pensions, candidates and issues. All at the detriment of the real purpose of schools, an actual education. Thomas Cole Montecito


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