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Schools Failing at 70% - School Boards Worry About Gender

Today Santa Barbara schools are failing students at a 70% rate. But liberal school boards are more concerned with ‘Inclusive Education'. What does that even mean? It means radical sex ed books in our schools. It means hyper sexualizing of our kids when and where they are the most vulnerable - Trapped in government schools. And it means separating our kids from you, the parent. It's time to vote in a new, conservative school board. We believe Inclusive means in

cluding the parents in all school decisions. Including parents in what their kids are learning. And protecting our children from violent anti-family, anti-America propaganda. Let’s get back to education, real education. Science, history, English, sports, the arts, and a safe, decent school experience for all our students. It's time for a change. Vote conservative for our kids. Because conservative school boards, protect your kids like they're our kids.

Thomas Cole Montecito


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