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The Builders Remedy - by Thomas Cole

"That is why we have a government; To take on those projects that cannot be done by private builders."

"Government can be dumb, inefficient and self aggrandizing and Builders Remedy is the Result"

The so-called Builder Remedy situation, where the state gives builders the right to simply bypass local regulations in order to build housing, illustrates the revenge of the liberals. First liberal doctrine closes off most normal development in fancy coastal cities, except development for the wealthy and super wealthy. Then they tell women to not have children because it harms the environment, so birth rates drop and soon schools are losing students. Then they flood the state with illiterate illegals from third world narco states, so the wealthy can still have their cheap gardeners, nannies and cooks. And also, so liberal-run government can keep its schools, jails and hospitals filled to support government union pensions and continued government employment at record levels.

And surprise; There's no housing, and no infrastructure to support new housing. But we've got gardeners gallor. So now the destructive liberal/fascist government is at it again; Demanding we build housing by offering the Builders Remedy as a means to bypass local building controls. Sacramento to local elites - You will build or else!

A better solution/model is; Less local government interference with the private sector, with private property rights, and more government interference at the border. If the local government gave all property owners large and small, an equal and easy path to build there would be less housing shortage. Build tall apartments in appropriate areas like next to other apartments and transit centers. And build large and tall hotels along the coast where people want to stay for vacations.. and so on. Common sense/economics would guide landowners to the highest and best use for their land.

Government in general is dumb, inefficient and self aggrandizing. If the government spent money on infrastructure instead of blue lines of climate doom across towns, instead of giving half a million to BLM, instead of hiring more and more administrators, instead of studies of studies...We would have infrastructure for new growth. Instead liberal doctrine has stopped infrastructure, ie. dams, sewer plats, electrical grids, streets and highways, and at the same time supports opening our borders to endless immigration, endless welfare, endless expenses with no new tax base to pay for all this generosity to foreigners who do live in local housing. These two opposing doctrines cannot operate in harmony, but this is what wasteful, unorganized, doctrinal government does. The list goes on...

Better to deregulate city and county building projects to allow the private sector to solve these problems. A thousand entrepreneurs working in self and community interest to solve housing problems is better than having government employees with no knowledge and no skin in the game making decisions with other people's land. Better to have government take care of real government-countywide problems like water, sewer, roads and power to support private building. That is why we have a government; To take on those projects that cannot be done by private builders. Instead we have government people with no real experience regulating the life out of the private sector. Our energy business is gone. Our lite manufacturing is gone. Our lage retail stores are going and gone. What is left for working people in our towns? Selling yogurt and tee shirts. And as a result we have high taxes, low infrastructure creation, low job creation, high government inefficiency, waste, duplication and no housing. So now those over-regulated chickens are coming home to roost in the form of Builders Remedy, foisted upon local communities by our friendly super liberal State Government in Sacramento. It's time for a change in California.

Thomas Cole for Congress


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