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Cole to Represent 51% in the 24th Congressional District

Updated: May 4, 2023

Thomas Cole running for Congress in California's 24th Congressional District. Against Joe Biden's lap dog, Salud Cabajal... who destroys jobs, opportunity and freedom for all Americans.

Thomas Cole April 25, 2023 Interview here -

Thomas Cole will represent the 51%...

  1. ...Who don’t want porn in schools.

  2. Who don’t want a congressman who votes 100% with Joe Biden, America's worst president.

  3. Who don’t want our nation flooded with low education, high crime immigrants, No - Legal, verifiable, controllable immigration, Si'.

  4. Who don’t want our borders wide open with fentanyl pouring through.

  5. Who don’t want endless wars overseas while our nation fills with homeless veterans. (Keep wars local)

  6. Who don’t want our elections controlled by foreigners- pouring money into campaigns. END SOROS' FORIEGN INTERFERENCE

  7. Who DO WANT a decent economy with affordable housing and affordable energy.

  8. Who do want a stable dollar and a frugal, responsible government.

  9. Who want less government and more individual freedom. CUT REGULATION

  10. Who want honest elections with easily verifiable results. OPEN BALLOTS

  11. Who want one day elections with living citizens only voting. END DOMINION

  12. Who want medical freedom for all - END CDC END WHO END MANDATES

  13. Who want congress to create and control our US currency, not foreign bankers. END THE FED.

  14. Who want choice for parents and choice for women.

  15. Who accept and believe Dobbs is real, Prop 1 is real, this is CA.

  16. Who are tired of DC making decisions for local schools. END THE FED ED DEPARTMENT

  17. Who believe free markets know better than government bureaucrats. GET THE JACK BOOT OF BIASED GOVERNMENT OFF OUR INDUSTRIES

  18. And who believe our Constitution means what it says - Original Interpretation is an Honest Reading.

  19. Who believe the 1st Amd. means Freedom of Speech - Freedom of Religion

  20. Who believe free speech means no censorship in the public square.

  21. And who believe the 1st And means freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.

  22. Who believe closed churches and closed schools, while government thrives and expands shall not stand. Citizens come first not government.

  23. And who believe the government has no right to censorship. REIGN IN CIA

  24. And who demand no spying by the government. Not on campaigns, not on citizens, or groups or associations without verifiable good cause and due process. REVAMP FBI RULES

  25. Who believe Shall Not Infringe means Shall Not Infringe.

  26. Who believe the First Amendment is protected by the 2nd Amendment.

  27. Who believe our Bill of Rights guarantees US citizens protections - From the government.

  28. Who believe the right to bear arms shall not be infringed - without good cause, verifiable reason and due process. REFORM FBI DOJ ATF HSA

  29. Who believe a 10% flat tax on income is a fair tax. REFORM IRS & FED

  30. Who believe social security shall be maintained for the people- by paying for SS with all income levels without caps.

  31. And who believe private property rights are sacred rights. Protected by our Bill of Rights The 2nd, 4th, 5th, 14th Amendments and Prop 13!

  32. And who believe in limited government and not endless taxes, endless bureaucrats, endless admins, endless snooping, spying, taxing, ordering, prodding, disclosing, invasions of our privacy.

  33. And much more...





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