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Issue Traps - Three Issues to Argue Against the Left.

(Originally May 25, 2019) Reposted Feb 20, 2023

How do they do it? Like Charlie Brown trying to kick to football and Lucy forever pulling it away at the last second. Will we ever learn?

My view is the GOP and conservatives can best attract possible voters with the right issues. No mystery there but what are the right issues? After ancient and recent revelations in political news, world events, the last Presidential elections and the hysterical reactions thereto and years of researching I’ve concluded…

The electorate has been carefully trapped into leftist positions by a globally orchestrated scheme. Some of the main Issue Traps are Open Borders, Abortion, Immigration, School Choice, Reparations, White Privilege, Gun Control, Global Warming, Minority Rights… these are big issues the left has basically created, crafted and now uses to pummel hapless conservatives who wander into the maze.

We cannot win on these issues using logic because they are not logical issues. They are leftist issues. Most of these issues are already solved or can easily be solved through basic American principles already in our Constitution, and that’s why the entire world wants to move here. Yet we try every year to counter these leftist arguments and fail to convince many voters of our correctness. Why is that?

The left has devoted millions of research hours into the creation, meaning and use of these trap issues, and from the top leftist thinkers. People like David Axelrod, Frank Rich, Paul Krugman, Ezra Klein, Deborah Solomon, Eric Alterman, Valerie Jarrett, David Plouffe, Samantha Powers, Cass Sunstein, Richard Hass, George Soros and a thousand more like them have developed these strategies.

We cannot argue our way out of these trap issues because they are designed to ensnare conservative thought, designed to ensnare logical thought and confound common evaluation.

Also the media is one hundred and twenty percent driving the narratives on these issues so regular people have been hearing these arguments for years and may adopt the leftist stance in most cases, regardless of irrationality. Don’t argue with a fool, the old saying goes, and its right. We should not work on refuting these leftist trap issues as a winning GOP strategy.

The three issues I believe are best to argue both locally and nationally are;

The Flag/Pledge Issue, The Pornagraphic Sex-Ed matter, and the issue of Schools Promoting Anti Christian/Anti White Bias to captive students.

The Flag/Pledge issue works as a rallying point for people. If the left hates the flag, the Pledge, the Founding they should be hammered on the issue. The left is wide open here because they do hate the flag, they do legislate against the Founders, against patriotism. The reason leftists do this is their own self created narrative against the Founding, ties into their narrative against slavery and the whites settlers that were involved in slavery. American or not they blame patriots for slavery.

And so respect for the Flag/Pledge will repel flat out communists, leftists, Alinskyites. Respect for the Flag/Pledge will draw in former blue collar democrats, middle of the road independents, proud legal immigrants, military and business people that see the anti Americanism inherent in the lefts distain for the Flag. The left can’t ague out of this issue. They are locked in by their own pre-crafted narratives.

These three issues are ripe for exploiting because they resonate with so many groups of people who might vote GOP, and because the left has not developed effective counter arguments to these issues. The possible voters we want cannot be reached through the fighting about global warming or allowing or stopping abortions or opening the borders. In the converse we can’t win by closing the borders either, because that’s been deemed racist by the left’s constructed narrative. Those issues are traps designed by the left to be winning issues for the left, minefields for conservatives.

The left has thought this through. If you don’t like abortion, even after birth abortion, you’re against women rights. If you’re against open borders you are anti Mexican and a racist. And if you don’t believe global warming is man-made you are against the entire world population, the planet, extremely selfish and a denier.

Those are looser issues the left has developed and cultivated to draw conservatives into arguments we can’t win. The old saying to never argue with a fool plays here. We try to argue with fools and then people can’t tell which one is the fool, and so rather than be called a selfish, women hating, anti science, racist moron, I’d better vote left. Leftist mission accomplished.

However I am convinced our targeted middle of the road CA and national voters will agree on… Ending porn taught in schools, will agree on Protecting the Flag/Pledge and all it stands for. And will agree to Stopping Schools From Teaching Hate… Just looking at the Celeste Barber Pledge video which Analytics805 cut.. …and after we sent it to Breitbart got six million views, Celeste was on Fox and Friends in a day and now she’s a featured speaker at Heritage. This is a very live issue and importantly the left has no answer prepared to push back. They can’t push back without cutting their own throats.

And so if we push these kind of winner issues, issues that the left has not thrown at us to use, issues the left has not prepared a massive in place campaign against us, we can reach our targeted middle of the road voters who will despise the left for their positions on these issues.

Despise the left and look rightward when they see a clear presentation of who promotes these practices (the left) and who opposes them, the GOP. The left promotes these three issues with a passion, Disrespect the Flag/Pledge, Porno-Sex ED and Using the Schools to Teach Hate. These practices are nation wide. The left are sitting ducks for these issues with no viable defenses available. These three issues are trap issues for the left.

They are not prepared to answer these issues, and so we notice the media never brings these issues up. That’s according to plan, never bring up issues that make us (left) look bad.

And so a proposed campaign line is:

“Hi I’m Jill GOP and I’m for the Pledge… I’m for stopping race and religious discrimination in our schools and I’m against teaching pornography disguised as health classes to any students in our schools.”

“My opponent Salud the Communist is for these things and has always voted to finance them. He voted to support the sex ed bill… he voted for JCCC in our schools and he voted against saluting the Flag somewhere… It’s a disgrace to have a local leader contribute to these vile positions. And he’s a DSA member! How could a US Marine lower himself to be a communist?”

These are universal issues the GOP should run on to destroy opponents... "My opponent has championed pornographic sex ed for forth graders, I am opposed to this."

We can't run on the trap issues set up by the left...We must destroy them with their own actions.

So the point is to avoid leftist trap issues and instead focus on our own best issues to trap the left. Issues that are explosive in their appeal for the GOP.

Thomas Cole


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