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Updated: Apr 25, 2023


Highlights - "Notice how the government deemed itself essential, along with liquor stores, pot dispensaries and strip clubs all essential."

"The government is not supposed to run our lives, no matter how dumb we are." T Cole

"It's time to get the marxists out of government and out of our schools"

School choice - Abortion choice - Medical choice

April 21, 2023 Cole interview here -

As a lifelong Republican, I first voted for Ronald Reagan in1980. I was voting on the issue of choice.

The world was a lot different back then but it seemed the best choice was to let businesses grow, have less government, less regulation, lower taxes and so on.

School Choice? -Today in the left/right spectrum, we have few options across many

issues. Issues like school choice, abortion choice and medical choice are connected to freedom.

On this issue we have the political right wanting choice for parents and students. Choice to go to a school they approve of. School choice involves vouchers and Vouchers mean parents decide what kind of school they send their children to. School choice means parent involvement and input to curriculum, location and style of education.

Todays left totally rejects these principles of school choice. Instead our leftist school boards, school supervisors, and teachers for the most part, tell us that gender training, porn ed books in schools, anti white racism and critical race theory are what really matter for a decent education. The left tells parents - You have no choice and no voice. Do what we say or we'll call the police on you if you protest.

Vouchers are what they’re afraid of. The left demands zero choice for parents, and this theme continues.

Elites Against Energy - Look at the attack on energy production across the county and state. Our local leftist politicians are lauded and funded by business tycoons, who made their money using cheap energy. All to vote against clean local oil production. No pumping, no storing, no refining or using oil or gas… on land or sea. Unless it’s to power the elite's mansions or fire up their Gulf-stream jets for vacation trips, but that’s different. They need to get around. Meanwhile China is building 20 new coal power plants a week.

Our local supervisors voted to block all repairs and renewal of older pipelines. And the Assembly and Congressional officers went right along with these actions as it's all part of their joint lefty narrative. In lock step they blocked the transport of our locally produced oil through new pipes or on trucks or trains. Thus these county supervisors and our state and federal state representatives, who’s job is to maintain the economic health of the county, have shut down, county wide, the entire oil industry. Costing north county families, many of them Latino families, hundreds of good paying blue collar jobs. This is what our elected representatives have done. Is this what Montecito billionaire donors want for our residents? Are we to sell yogurt and tee shirts to each other and ask for welfare? Because this doesn’t sound like a choice. It sounds like the government forcing people to accept energy sources the government deems acceptable. It sounds like south county elites saying to north county families - Here’s your rake, now go clean my lawn.

Jack Boot on Energy - The left recently mandated abolishing ICE cars (Internal combustion engine) in CA by 2030. Our local left has also abolished natural gas heating in homes, spas, kitchens, restaurants in our largest cities. The left fought tooth and nail closing a viable, clean nuclear plant in our county.

Cheap and plentiful energy is a requirement for businesses and families to thrive and abundant energy is what built our state and nation; Cheap abundant energy.

Yet the left demands obedience and offers people no choice. You will give up cheap gas, and buy electric cars, and give up cheap house heating and go electric. We know best how to run your life and you will have no choice.

Conservatives want energy production from as many sources as feasible. Without the government putting their jack boot on the neck of unapproved industries. That’s what conservatives want, choices, individual freedom and get the government out of the way.

Medical Freedom - Look at medical freedom or what’s left of it. We were supposed to have medical privacy and freedom via the HIPPA laws. Then, when it suited leftist government, and this means county supervisors, government medical officials and government school officials, we were locked down, shut down, closed down, pushed around, gagged and fired. Then forced to take and have our children take an untested solution, while signing away all rights to sue if damages occurred.

Notice how the government deemed itself essential, along with liquor stores, pot dispensaries and strip clubs all essential. While churches, restaurants, schools and nearly all other businesses were deemed non essential and closed. That is not a choice. That’s tyranny. The whole point of America, is not having the majority force a minority into deemed acceptable behaviour.

The 4th Amendment/Search and Seizure/Dobbs - Abortion. Freedom from search and seizure says we cannot be forced to take a treatment. The government cannot invade your body without some really good reason. Under this established privacy doctrine, women cannot be forced to have an abortion, any more than the government can prohibit abortions. In CA Prop 1 has placed this into law and I support the lawful choice of women to reproductive rights.

Rights to Freedom - If you are going to a government school and they require injections, the government must supply parents with vouchers to bypass the illegal mandates. We are not China. We are Americans and we have rights that come down to us from the Magna Carta 1215, the English Tax Revolt/Peasants Revolt 1381, the US Constitution 1787, our Civil War 13,14,15 Freedom Amendments 1860-1865, the Civil Rights acts of 1964... All these and more guarantee the majority shall not infringe on the minority. We are not a pure democracy where three wolves vote against two sheep on who's for dinner. Medical freedom is squarely in the middle of all these freedoms. The government cannot force abortions, cannot force injections, cannot force obedience to unjust law, cannot tax unevenly. Our people are free yet we increasingly live on a prison planet.

Conservatives Champion Freedom - So the idea that conservatives have nothing to offer is unfounded. We offer freedom, individual choice, parental choice and are champions of Free Market Capitalism. It’s proven beyond any doubt, Free markets are the best way to create choice, wealth and freedom. They allow the invisible hand of millions of individuals making decisions in their own best self interest. This approach is always better for society.

This was President Reagan's message -

The job of government is to protect the people, not run their lives. Forcing inoculations is not protecting people. Forcing kids into race and gender training is not helping our society. Destroying the energy industry, and forcing people into tiny, expensive electric cars is not helping our economy. These are tyrannical moves by an overreaching government, that destroy our economies and our children.

Marxism -The policies of the left show they are true marxists, whether they know it or not. There is no room for disagreement once the marxists are in charge. Marxists create division, destroy economies, separate people from their culture, indoctrinate children at schools against their country, against their own parents with the government always in the lead.. these are all marxist plays. And I say, it's time to get the marxists out of government and out of our schools.

Reagan Knew - President Reagan knew our Constitution was meant to insure and protect individual rights and individual choice, against government intrusion. The government is not supposed to run our lives, no matter how dumb we are.

And yet as the left comes to power, the main thing lost is individual choice.

We can’t exactly bring Reagan-nomics back, but we can look at our loss of freedoms and ask - Why is the left so interested in control? And why do people vote for marxists?

The author is Thomas Cole, who ran for CAGOP Chair and is looking at running for Congress in the 24th District.

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