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“ The court didn’t eliminate a constitutional right to abortion. It affirmed that there never was"

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

This is a monumental time for America when Roe Vs. Wade is overturned and the decision of abortion is put into the hands of each individual state and we give thanks

to God for this victory!

The right to life is one of the most basic and humane rights, and most Americans believe the Constitution was erected to protect life , not to destroy it.

I love what Dinesh D Souza squarely stated, “ The court didn’t eliminate a constitutional right to abortion. It affirmed that there NEVER WAS such a right…” Henceforth, with Roe Vs. Wade in place, the past 5 decades has been anything but safe for a pre-born baby. Ironically the mother's womb became the riskiest place where over 1 million children have been barbarically aborted while breathing in their mother’s air. Where in human history has this large scale of death ever made sense? In reality, mass murders at this level have been called a holocaust. Our nation has been in a holocaust for the past 50 years! This atrocity completely contradicts the natural design and purpose of motherhood. Oh America, how far have you fallen! The unconstitutional 1973 impact of Roe VS Wade opened the mouth to limitless abortion pandering to vulnerable women and inciting a feminist fever at the cost of over 63,000,000 deaths.To give you an idea, the size of that number could be compared to adding up the populations of New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio,San Diego, Dallas Jacksonville, Indianapolis, and San Francisco and still you would only have about 26.1 million! We have flung wide the gates to dominating Planned Parenthood control which is a global threat. This organization has become a monopoly of power and money using the most vulnerable to acquire their monetary success. This mega-industry has been taking our unborn children to the bank and profiting off their unspent, innocent lives. Yet with no shame, Planned Parenthood knows it is not aborting clumps of cells, but stripping a mother of her offspring. These ramifications go so very deep, and have altered our society with unsurmountable pain, suffering, guilt and grief, and most costly and damming, the loss of a generation of children. And as always, with the shedding of innocent blood, without justice intervening, there are consequences at large. Filtering down into our public school systems, progressive laws such as AB329 have recently passed, subscribing to the government approved sex curriculum which tells 12-year-old children that they can have abortions without their parents’ knowledge. This has stripped away parental rights while grooming our children for sexual exploitation. This has become a linch pin to disrupt and tear down the sacred trust between parents and their children, and to perpetuate and indoctrinate another generation to follow the lethal path of destruction. To increase insult to injury, another California bill sponsored by Planned Parenthood, AB2223 is on the brink of passing and we find ourselves again in an unconscionable reality. This bill contains language that would restrict the investigation and reporting of infant deaths, and could legalize infanticide up to 28 days AFTER birth! Have you called your local legislators?! With the many dark pitfalls, America was doomed to crumble, but with the timing and miraculous single act of the Superior Court Justices, and the aligning of their appointments by our 45th president, we have found faith and hope and new strength, to restore a nation back to its sanity. I pray that as the alarms are going off and the globalist have their plans in mind for us, you will be awakened to join the fight for life and liberty and justice for all. We are one Nation Under God and for the sake of our children we must stand up together and speak out. What good is faith without works? It is our duty to fight for this nation as our founders did. They left behind a gift for us beyond measure and we must do the same as if our last breath counted on it. Thank God for the 6 brave men and women, and for all those that fought and prayed leading up to their decision, to overturn Roe Vs Wade. Halleluja! BB


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