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When the Rich Cower

Updated: Sep 4, 2022


Giving monetary and media support to political parties is an old American tradition. Old as America itself. In 1770’s and 80’s wealthy elite Americans gave what they could to support Hamilton’s Federalist view of a strong central bank, close ties with England, while the Jeffersonians wanted nothing to do with England, who they had just fought off in a brutal war. Yet each side was able to write, speak and publish in various newspapers. And all could donate without needing to ask a government agency for permission.

2) Each side would buy, bribe or create a newspaper to print its views, often written by Hamilton using an alias, or by Jefferson without an alias or other hired hands to front the desired narratives. Money was given by wealthy east coast merchants with trade ties to England in support of central banks, support of paper money, to support trade deals that favored English imports and low tariffs. These were the Federalists led by Alexander Hamilton who wrote many of the Federalist Papers.


While those landed, southern rural classes led by Jefferson gave money and influence to support America first policies. Policies like tariffs, low taxes and protection for American manufacturing, and keeping English banks and financial powers out of our American business and money supply. (Think they were onto something.) These ruralists donated money, influence and writings on the Jeffersonian ideals of limited government, self reliance, promoting national self reliance. The Jeffersonian ideals still have resonance today in our conservative movements of limited government and maintaining individual freedoms. It was Thomas Jefferson who recommended much of the Bill of Rights to James Madison in a 1788 letter. It was Madison who actually wrote and introduced the Bill of Rights. Jeffersons contributions that made it into the Bill of Rights were: freedom of religion, freedom of the press, protection against standing armies and trials by juries. These show the Jeffersonian view of protecting citizens from an over powerful federal government. The echos of which we see in todays conservative movement.

4) And so America has always been a dualistic nation and in 1777 it was a simpler north versus south issue. Today it's a more complex mashup of the rich coastal elite, verses inland farmers and ranchers, coastal elites verses landed flyover states, bureaucracy verses working people, energetic builders verses environmentalist in their cushy mansions, truck driven’ good old boys verses jet flying climate evangelists.


Our local nouveau rich include both those who serve the rich and those who create their own wealth. Michael Towbes is one who created his own wealth. Michael came to Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties as an MIT engineer. He worked at Point Mugu missile base in Oxnard building launch pads for the military, then onto real estate, building and owning strip malls, housing and then starting a banking empire. Michael Towbes gave evenly to both political sides during his life and gave much to philanthropic causes. Leaving behind a three billion dollar foundation to his wives, daughters and a board of directors.


Today after the passing of Michael Towbes the Towbes foundation, like so many multi billion dollar legacy groups, donates entirely to the left. The Towbes wives and daughters give slavishly to the democrat party. Giving to county school supervisor Susan Salcido’s campaign in 2022 for the preservation of Gender Queer and Teen Talk, Equity Race Training in government schools. The Towbes foundation supports nearly all lefty incumbents and candidates throughout the county and many lefty state candidates like Monique Limon and Salud Cabajal. The Towbes Group even supported Christy Smith (D) against Mike Garcia (R) 2020.

7) All these Democrat candidates and incumbents support the far left public school policies of Gender Queer, Teen Talk, Equity Race Training and CRT. We say all democrats because to get any support from the Democrat party, all candidates and incumbents must sign a pledge to support all Dem issues. We have the document.


And so our democrat led government schools are telling K-12 kids they need to have sex changes if they feel depressed. Telling twelve year old teens anal sex is good birth control. Who would tell anyone such a thing? Democrats do. Or telling Latinos and black students in school classes that America is racist, and specifically telling white students they are to blame and must atone for this manufactured lefty narrative. And specifically hiding these programs from parents and telling the kids to not tell their parents about these school programs.

9) Not only are these lefty programs abhorrent to many Americans, including parents and even lefty parents if they were exposed directly to these programs…but with teen suicide rates skyrocketing, a 75% scholastic failure rate for county and state schools and angry, confused, uneducated and unemployable students rampant nationwide, one could draw the conclusion that democrat school policies are not working in a big way. But this is what the Towbes foundation agrees with through their financial support. Would Michael Towbes be on board with all this giving? It would seem clear the wives are funding this attack on our children. And yet they are the toast of the town.


And so, when a local candidate for school supervisor ( wants to change things, reign in the hard sex ed programs, dial back the race training, eliminate the anti America, anti family, anti Christian training in government schools and get back to real education, guess who steps in? The Towbes foundation. Supporting all the lefty candidates and all this school perfidy the left supports and represents. The left even brought in Sacramento and DC heavies from Perkins Coie to sue and malign the opposing conservative school candidates. All for having the temerity to run against the coastal elite school supervisor. This machine is well organized and well funded.


And so this is Michael Towbes’ legacy. Building homes, making loans, supporting American growth, supporting real education and prosperity? But now the Towbes foundation supports all that the new left embraces; school insanity, racial insanity, fiscal insanity, government insanity. When will it end? It’s like we are now two Americas. Before the 90’s it was Michael Towbes’ America with growth, real education, freedom and life. After the 90’s we have contraction, coercion, indoctrination, loss of freedoms, lock downs and death.


And where is our side on all this? Do we have one stalwart wealthy champion? Is there one person of means who would step up and say I believe a 75% school failure rate is unacceptable… One person who would say teaching racial hatred in government schools is probably not a good idea? One person who disagrees with telling kindergartners they can switch genders if they like? One person of means who would actually put the safety of children before their own money interests?


Well, there is one who claims to be such a Champion for the children, their own words. She works in the local real estate industry, making over $30 million in the last decade selling mansions to the very rich. But wait. When it came to actually financially supporting our conservative candidates, our conservative views and stopping this attack on captive children in government schools. She couldn’t be bothered. Her recent response to supporting local conservative school board candidates was niet. “I want to protect the children, but I can’t get involved in politics, it would ruin my business.”


Is that so. You can make your fortune selling mansions built and financed in another era by Michael Towbes. In an era when freedom to build houses existed. An era when our kids were rightly educated in useful topics. An era of American values, western moral and philosophical values. The arts and sciences. But now not a penny given back to protect Michael Towbes’ true legacy of education and freedom.


Our alleged champion claims to be for the children. But when it comes down to it, we have another Judas with hands out for thirty pieces. Another Quisling, another Benedict Arnold. Eager to reap the benefits of our formerly free society built by titans like Michael Towbes. But they’re unwilling to stand up and protect the innocent of todays brave new world.



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