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Why Choice for Women is a Good Idea - by Thomas Cole

1) As a man I probably know nothing about the women of California. But I can guess they don’t want big bother leaning over their shoulders telling them what to do, any more than I like being ordered around by government. And so, for me as a politician, the words Choice for Women means: I support women's choice, Support government funded reproductive care, including Pregnancy Resource Centers and Planned Parenthood centers…And I support a reasonable abortion limit of around 16 weeks. Is that too much? Too little? But that is what I am calling a Dobbs Republican, definitely for women's choice.

2) At 16 weeks tests can be performed to determine a viable, healthy fetus. And this seems fair enough to give ample time for women to determine this crucial factor. There’s no good reason for Republicans or Government in general to insist women carry to term a defective fetus. Where this government birthing enforcement is tormenting women, costing millions to care for and offering nothing to society (or parents) but hardship, expense and discouragement.

3) A healthy pregnancy and baby is what women and men and society want, need and expect. We as Republicans cannot tell women what to do, regardless of say, how much religious or moral beliefs may seem to demand from us. And I propose the notion that government has no place intruding into religion. A fair enough proposition. But that also must include the fundamental guideline that; Religion has no place using government to enforce its tenants upon citizens. And that would mean government banning abortions.

Part of our First Amendment simply says the government shall not create a national religion.

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

4) If we were to use the government to stop abortion on religious grounds, well, that would be unconstitutional. As a demonstration - Say If some religion took over the USA, and decreed the national government religion demanded certain groups of people must have an abortion according to some quota schedule. A very unconstitutional result. And that would be China, which we are not. Religion has its place today and Christianity played a huge part in our founding documents, like the Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Christianity gave form to all those individual rights the Constitution protects. Today Christianity is less prevalent yet the Constitution lives on, covering and protecting the rights of every citizen. But that is another essay…

5) So how did California get so religious? Harkening back to the depression/dust bowl era, when hundreds of thousands of bible belt Americans left the Bible belts for California. CA became a haven for these many Baptist and Evangelical Christians, and those groups were the basis for moral and religious fervor in CA and even the Reagan revolution of the 80’s.

Now in the 2020’s that movement is somewhat subdued and watered down, as many Christians do not vote and 50% vote democrat. Church attendance is down. So now these Evangelical Christian voters are in their third generation and their voting power is not what it was. We Christians do not control the State anymore with only perhaps 4 million evangelical voters in CA. And only 25% of them actually vote and half of those vote Democrat! Figure that one out. So expecting an evangelical revival of morals and goodness in State government is not going to happen.

6) But if we can get elected to office we can vote for government funding for what are known as Pregnancy Resource Centers. And that way there is a public funded choice for women. That’s what I call real choice, because why should Planned Parenthood get all the funding, and other competing centers get nothing? Why indeed, does PP insist that pregnant women be deprived of any choice, deprived of any opportunity to consider other options than abortion.

7) When Republicans concede that abortion is a right, maybe not a Federal Constitutional right, but a human right kind of like healthcare and not a granted condition, we join the modern world.

Note that California just voted Prop 1 by 67% for free access to abortions. We California Republicans should come to realize this 67% number is real. We are in California, not Alabama. And we should realize this 67% Prop 1 number explains why Republicans are at 22% in CA legislatures. They will not vote for any politician that wants to limit this semi right. That being settled, we can now consider what we can do about reality.

8) By stepping into the 21st century and into office in California, Republicans can have better results than being shut out completely, which is our current condition at 22% in the legislatures, 22% office holders, zero % school boards and, down to even the dog catchers, are mostly democrats.

8) When SCOTUS settled Dobbs, abortion ceased to be a Federal issue.

The court sent the issue of abortion back to the states where, as an issue of family life, medical and religious concern, it rightly belonged, according to the tenth amendment. From our US Constitution-

X Amendment

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

Nowhere is it written in the US Constitution that abortion shall be regulated, demanded or expected by the Federal Government. And so Roe was indeed incorrect and Dobbs was the correction.

9) With all that said: If more Republicans can get into office, we can have a voice on abortion issues. And that is clearly better than no voice at all which is what we have now. This 2024 election season, the left is gearing up to severely hammer any Republican on the abortion issue.

10) Brian Dahle / Newsom Debate

As a review, watch the Brian Dahle / Gavin Newsom recall debate in 2022, where Newsom hammered Dahle four separate times on the abortion issue. Claiming Dahle was an enemy of women's rights, at odds with reproductive care for women and girls and generally a very bad dude. Gentlemen farmer Brian Dahle was unprepared for this organized onslaught. He had no answer to these prepared and effective challenges from Newsom. And this debate should be well understood by today's Republican candidates. This is exactly what will happen to you. Watch this debate and you’ll see precisely what the left’s top play book is for 2024.

11) Plus, all the other issues that we Republicans can have a positive influence on. By being obstinate in California, Republicans have left the State vulnerable to the whims of an unfettered left. The uncontrolled borders, uncontrolled taxation, unfettered regulations, business destruction, school desecration. CA schools are now 51th in the nation as Obama would say. And this has happened more recently over the last 23 years. Now the State is nearly non-functional, with businesses leaving, huge deficits, incompetence everywhere rewarded in government, fraud, waste, non sensible ideas worshiped as new religions. These are all things us sensible Republicans can fix, by running government as a business, providing protection to the people, to our borders, our businesses, our religious groups and to our children. Today it’s as if our State is being run by teenagers. Time for us adults to return and correct our once great state.

Thomas Cole Tahoe June 2023

Support my Civil Rights Federal Lawsuit -

Against the Santa Barbara School District

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